Saturday, November 10, 2007

11 - Senior Year

I kept going to church and Sunday school. I still refrained from drugs, alcohol and sex (I’d never even had my first kiss). I still went to Bible Club and Bible Study, and I prayed every night with my family, and before every meal.

Something was different about all of it, though. It somehow wasn’t real anymore.

Spiritually, I didn’t grow very much that year.

My dad says that if you want to leave your church, it's important to wait until a time when you're no longer in a position of leadership. This way, your departure won't be political, loud and defiant, but it will be plainly stated for anyone who notices your absence, after you're gone.

I hope that my departure from Biblical Christianity (ie, the type of Christianity that sets the Bible apart from all other books) has been in this fashion.

These are drafts of some personal stories that I'm writing and revising.
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