Saturday, November 10, 2007

11 - Senior Year

I kept going to church and Sunday school. I still refrained from drugs, alcohol and sex (I’d never even had my first kiss). I still went to Bible Club and Bible Study, and I prayed every night with my family, and before every meal.

Something was different about all of it, though. It somehow wasn’t real anymore.

Spiritually, I didn’t grow very much that year.

My dad says that if you want to leave your church, it's important to wait until a time when you're no longer in a position of leadership. This way, your departure won't be political, loud and defiant, but it will be plainly stated for anyone who notices your absence, after you're gone.

I hope that my departure from Biblical Christianity (ie, the type of Christianity that sets the Bible apart from all other books) has been in this fashion.


Samuel said...

Hey Will,

I've been out of touch for a little while - just checking back.

I guess from reading your posts I'm not entirely sure on what level you feel like you have moved away from Christianity - I hear a move away from fundamentalism, from a particular brand of Christianity.

Maybe it is because, in some way I feel the same questions and yet feel that I am a "Christian", that is a follower of Christ. Maybe I'm too afraid to move away from the label. Not sure.

Hope your trip this summer went well, I'd love to hear about your experiences in Europe!

Tom said...

Hey Will, I stumbled across your blog while checking out new posts on Summit Ministries, as I'm apt to do from time-to-time. I also like scratching mosquito bites, which I feel is in a way like revisiting the past. It feels good for a minute but if you scratch too long it leaves a scar.

Anyway, I used to work at Summit in the video department. Made a couple of the videos you probably watched. Sorry about that. :)

I'm up for throwing in my two bits if you ever feel like it. I dig your writing and think your (quest)ions are good ones.

Later, Tom

(If you remember Kevin Bywater, I wrote about him here.)

telos said...

Next week is Pride week here at Dartmouth. I'm planning on performing in the drag show to Pink's song "God is a DJ." The chorus goes like this:
If God is a DJ, life is a dance floor
Love is a river, you are the music
you've got what you're given, it's all how you use it...

credo credo

Reading some of these stories again and discovering some new ones has lifted me up. I want to go back to Quaker meeting, friend. All I believe in now seems to be "silence and hugs," but there is so much to go on there-

I started a blo with some poetry. I have yet to get the courage up to put some more of my controversial thoughts, but all in good time.

Things are good. I started a group called Q-faith, for the queer and faithful. It's been good, the multi-faith chaplain here did a lot of work with lbgtq issues, theology and rights activism at seminary. He's married to a woman, but won't be ordained in the Lutheran church even though he's qualified, because they don't yet ordain lesbians and gays... there's a good gay couple at church here, too, and the queers don't flinch so much when I say things about faith. I had a pretty smooth, non-political transition out of leadership in the fellowships. I went to Ukraine to work at an orphanage with the Navs, and it was great. Kids inspire faith, plain and simple.

In other news I'm getting back into dance, and taking a martha graham modern class. I'm wondering if I want to pursue a career in dancing/choreographing. Also thinking about city planning, and/or moving to a farm after graduation.

Would love to catch up, would love to share more writing.


will said...

Well, I know a really great farm...

These are drafts of some personal stories that I'm writing and revising.
I would love to hear any feedback.